Tool Kits:

Mounting Hole Cleaning Tool Kit:

The Cleaning Tool Kit is used to remove excess plastic from transducer mounting holes prior to installation. Installation of transducers into plugged and/or dirty mounting holes is a major cause of installation-related damage. The Cleaning Tool Kit allows the mounting hole to be properly cleaned and checked for integrity.

Note: The cleaning tool should be used when the polymer is molten. Care must be taken not to exceed the specified torque rating (125 inch-pounds) so as to not damage the tool.

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GEFRAN KF Drill Kit:

A properly machined mounting hole is vital to optimal operation of a melt pressure transducer or transmitter. Poorly machined holes can result in damage that causes unreliable output or even total failure.

The transducer/ burst plug mounting hole drill kit contains the necessary drill bits and taps needed to machine a standard transducer mounting hole, including a special pilot drill required to machine the 45 degree seat. Drill kits are available for the 1/2-20 mounting hole (KF12) and the M18x1.5 mounting hole (KF18)

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